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Todd and the Fox Bio

Norteño Mountain Folk Funk

Todd and the Fox is equal parts rollicking, rolling, playful animal spirit and tooth and claw hammer mountain-minor backwoods predator. Employing electric banjo, lap steel, guitar, bass and drums, T&tF performs family-friendly songs about rattlesnakes, coyotes, a good night’s sleep, the joys of blundering fatherhood, mindfulness, and funky worms. For a different audience, the band performs sardonic ditties and murder ballads about foreign exchange trips gone wrong, anthropomorphic feline seductresses, the historical trauma of war and patriotism, the intersection of mental illness and genius, and falling in love with a chola in the cruise line. Órale. Algo para todas!

The band, the brainchild of Todd Eric Lovato, has exported its unique brand of New Mexican electronic folk music throughout the Southwest and as far as South Korea, and has recently released a compilation EP of kids songs.

Todd and the Fox is made up of multi instrumentalists/songwriters Todd Eric Lovato, Erik Sawyer, and Brian Nelson.

Music can be found on all major streaming platforms